Exploring the World of Drinkware: A Guide to Different Types of Glasses and Cups

Drinkware is more than just vessels for holding liquids; they are an expression of style and function. Drinkware comes in many shapes and sizes, each designed for a specific type of beverage. The right glass or cup can enhance the drinking experience, whether it’s coffee, tea, wine, or water. Among the vast array of choices, glasses and cups by ferm LIVING stand out for their elegance and versatility.

What Variety Can You Expect in The Range of Drinkware

Everyday Glasses

These are the workhorses of any kitchen. Usually, they are sturdy and used for water, juice, or soft drinks. They come in various sizes and shapes, fitting everyday needs.

Wine Glasses

Wine enthusiasts know that the shape of a wine glass can affect the taste of the wine. Red wine glasses are broader, allowing the wine to breathe. White wine glasses are generally narrower, preserving the cooler temperature.

Beer Glasses

Beer glasses vary widely, with each type enhancing a different kind of beer. Pint glasses are common, but there are also snifters, mugs, and steins, each serving a different beer style.

Cocktail Glasses

Cocktails glasses are often elegant and varied. The most famous is the martini glass, but there are also highball glasses, coupes, and more.

Specialty Glasses

These are designed for specific drinks like whiskey, brandy, or margaritas. They have unique shapes to enhance the flavour and aroma of these spirits.

Tea and Coffee Cups

Tea and coffee cups are often made from ceramic or porcelain. They are smaller and handle heat well, making them perfect for hot drinks.

How to Care for Your Drinkware

Taking care of your glasses and cups ensures their longevity. Most glassware is dishwasher safe, but some specialty glasses might require hand washing. Avoid sudden temperature changes with glass to prevent cracking.


From morning coffee to evening cocktails, the right glass or cup can make all the difference. At ferm LIVING, we offer a wide range of glasses and cups to choose from. Our selection meets your unique drinkware needs, combining style, function, and quality.

Whether you want to set up a bar or just enjoy a good cup of tea, there’s something for everyone in the world of drinkware. Explore and find your perfect match with ferm LIVING.